50 + 1 Reunion August 2021

the reunion is moving forward!    Here are a few questions so that more planning can be done.  Thanks for responding!


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1)   * Are you planning to attend? We need to have at least 100 attendees to make this financially feasible.

2)   * Do we need to have live music or a dj for dancing (versus just background music)

3)   * We know some classmates may not be able to attend due to budgetary restrictions. If I create a "donate button" would you consider donating a small amount to be used for someone who can't afford to attend? At our 40th reunion, one of our generous classmates paid for 4 additional dinners which were used.

4)   * Last question: Since Covid is still a concern, will be you be vaccinated by the time of the reunion? Masks will be optional if most of us are vaccinated.