Post Reunion Survey

Small survey about the weekend events.   Please complete this when you can for the future committees' information.

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1)   How did you register for the events?

  Preregistered through website
  Pre registered, not through website
  Came to the door
2)   What method of payment did you use?

  Credit Card
  Check via US Mail
3)   Did you feel the costs to attend were reasonable?

Yes No
4)   Was there any element of the reunion in particular you feel should be changed for future reunions? Location, food, activities, one night or two?

5)   Although Terra Linda's homecoming was cancelled, the reunion had been planned for that weekend. In the future, is there a better time of year for this event?

  Doesn't matter...I will be there!!!!
  Doesn't matter...I won't come
6)   How often would you be interested in participating in smaller, informal events?

  Once a year
  Every two-three years?
  5 years
  10 years is fine
  I prefer to keep the larger, less frequent events....
7)   Please choose one of the following that best represents your thoughts on future reunion events...

  To allow for travel, events should start Friday and continue through the weekend so people can pick and choose what events they'd like to attend.
  One single event
8)   Would you like to have souvenirs available (like our Tshirts)

Yes No
9)   What activities would you like to see at future events? Picnic, golf tournaments, other structured outings (wine tasting?

10)   Are you willing to help plan future events? If so, enter your name and email address.

11)   Regarding the Sheraton Four Points - think about the food, the rooms, staff. Any comments?