Laura Boggs Newman/Yates

Profile Updated: May 27, 2010
Laura Boggs
Residing In: Paonia, CO USA
Spouse/Partner: Doubly divorced
Occupation: Librarian/writer
Children: Remember when the Zero Population Growth "recruiter" came to TL? I signed all my reproductive rights More…over to Colleen Degnan.... And my animals are always neutered, too.
Yes! Attending Reunion

I'll bet you thought I went to graduate school-- but the truth is: I'd had enough of school when I graduated from TL, and 1970 hippies weren't supposed to be thinking career, so after one quarter of college I dropped out of Mt. Angel in Oregon, moved in with my boyfriend, and lived on love. A couple of times I tried going to junior colleges, but then I got expelled.... Perhaps consequently, my work life has been haphazard-- perc tester, Middle Eastern dancer (Broadway in North Beach), lots of years in veterinary clinics, journalist, charter boat service-- but I always write fiction, design quilts, camp and have animals. Five years ago I fell into a library job and found it was something of a glass slipper.
Marriage to "the boyfriend", David Newman (Class of '69) was a good fit, too, for a couple of decades in Sonoma County, but that ended badly. After five years on my own, I tried again with a wonderful blues musician/mountain man, but the same issues surface (funny how that happens...) So now it's been another four years on my own in a little town at the foot of the West Elk Mountains on the Western Slope of Colorado. It's a beautiful community with lots of organic farmers, artists and writers, and a very small gene pool.

School Story:

Isn't this (partly) why we're having a reunion? I look forward to reminiscing in person. I don't even have Internet at home, only at the library, so I'm stealing a few minutes to do this.
.... Okay, it's a slow evening at the library, and I just got back from watching a bunch of kids "Celebrate the Beat", dancing to the music of John Lennon, so I guess a little nostalgia is okay:"West Side Story", "Anne of the Thousand Days", Albee's "American Dream", and all the other extravaganzas-- I did my first play since 1970 a few years ago, and it's a lot harder to learn lines than I remember-- but I made a pretty good "Ouiser", the Shirley McClain character in "Steel Magnolias." I did play the Happy Hooker of a mining town in a little vaudeville show, but I just made that up as I went along. But thanks, Sally Rupp, and all you fellow thespians. We had some great cast parties.
Creative Writing with Kee Higday, who wore those fruit earrings and cats-eye glasses.
Doing modern dance on KTVU with Geoff Hamren.
Forgetting my locker combination-- and every once in awhile I still dream about it.
Mr. Stocking confiscating the film Eric Kelly made, starring Kai Adler with me as the love interest. Our principal was afraid it would ruin my reputation: sex, drugs & rocknroll.
Getting to (finally) wear pants to school-- can you believe we put up with those rules???
Colleen, Kris B, Steven, David Page, and of course Fred: I still love you guys.
Farther back: Peggy and Sally, green hair, glasses and braces. I wouldn't do junior high again for anything. In fact, I like being 58. I wouldn't have missed the Sixties even if it meant I wouldn't have wrinkles.
And even earlier: puberty was a real shocker for me, since I had gender AND species confusion. I really did believe I was going to grow up to be the Black Stallion. But I've adjusted.

What Grammar School did you attend in Terra Linda?

Bernard Hoffman, Don Timoteo

Which Junior High School did you attend?