In Memory

Dave Sliney

David Sliney

2/29/1952 to 1/10/2018

Dave is survived by his wife, Deb Mullaney-Sliney of Klamath River, CA, his son, Dan Culwell of Florence, Oregon and his sisters, Lynn Huelsmann of Petaluma,  and Michelle Woods of Miami,  Florida,  as well as Katherine Ellis of Denver, Colorado.  Dave is also survived by 3 step children, 7 step grandchildren, 3 nephews and 1 niece.

Dave retired from the City of San Rafael to live in the Siskiyou Mountains.   Dave loved motorcycles, horses, steer wrestling and chopping wood.   A celebration of Dave’s life was held June 16 at Samuel P. Taylor park.


A Poem follows that was written by a friend of Dave for the memorial service

We've come this day, to toast our friend, and finally say good-bye.
To fear not for his next abode, there's no need left to cry.
In gathering here, this day, old friends is how we'll show we care.
We'll float him to the other side and then we'll feed him there.
So saddle up with hat in hand to hear his stallion's tale
He loved his horse, we're told of him, an Appaloosa male.
He loved the woods, the trees, the moss, the fog in the cool air.
We'll wade him to the other shore and gently leave him there.

by Roger Hinck

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01/18/18 09:09 AM #1    

Ann Pfeiffer (Franklyn)

Wow, this is a shocker. So sorry to see that it's really, my sincere condolences to all his family & friends. I will always remember Dave was the 1st people to confront me on my drug use, we had drivers ed together & he told me if I came to class tripping 1 more time he wouldn't get into the car with me. So I took the dose after drivers ed, which I think was 1st or 2nd period.  

01/19/18 08:37 AM #2    

John Armanini

That is too bad.. I liked Dave.. He saved my bacon once in shop when he and i were going at it and were sent to the Vice Principal for a chat.. i was bitching about how I'm going to get my butt kicked by my dad over this.. he said.. REALLY ??  He took the note from me and erased my name and said go do something else for a while and took the heat.  At the Re-Unions, he and I always smiled over that and bought each other drinks. The raccoon hat he wore at one reunion was pretty funny. We are diminished. 

01/19/18 09:15 PM #3    

Mike Dondero

I just read that Dave had passed away. Of all people I truly thought he would make it to 100. Sadness is what I feel as well as a hole in my heart. My condolences to his family and his multitude of friends. Dave was a friend whom I will dearly miss and will remain in my heart forever. RIP bro..

01/20/18 10:50 AM #4    

Gary Katz

We didn't know it at the time, but Dave Sliney was the inspiration for the TV character "The Fonz" in Happy Days. Dave was a hard guy but he had a heart of gold. I always had fun going at it with him as we ragged on each other. Armanini was right when he said it was too funny when Dave drove up to the front door of the reunion on his Harley with his raccoon hat on. That was true Dave Sliney style. I imagine Dave stayed true to himself and kept doing things his way for the 65 years he was here with us. Gotta love it !!!

Gary Katz

01/20/18 04:39 PM #5    

Michele Morgan (Forrest)

Dave had the most wonderful sense of humor!  He was always so nice to me and I always felt such a warm feeling around him.  He touched a lot of lives.  We will all miss you Dave!

01/21/18 06:21 PM #6    

Steve Phillips

Dave and I were close during the Summers of 1964 and 1965. We were part of a neighborhood club called the Bulldogs and spent time exploring the hills about Terra Linda and Lucas Valley. Dave hand painted a club sweat shirt for eachl of us: Dave, Rocky, Greg and myself.

We went in different directions while attending Terra Linda High School and beyond. It was so nice to reconnect at the 40th reunion. Almost like time had stood still as we replayed some of the things we used to do. Like wearing multiple layers of clothing and shooting at each other with very low velocity BB guns! No one ever got hurt...that I can recall.

I hope that his death and passing were not very painful.

Steve Phillips

01/22/18 08:16 AM #7    

John Armanini

Getting shot with a BB gun does hurt.. Ed Laufer  and I did the same.. Lots of clothes and shop glasses borrowed.. well, from Shop. We had a war in the hills over  Sco-Bo and Ed and I had welts all over both of us.. Bad idea !! heheheha

01/23/18 07:23 PM #8    

Tracy Larsen (Brooks)

I was also sad to hear about Dave's passing.  I have known him since 6th grade, and ran into him after our 40th reunion at Sam's Anchor Cafe in Tiburon having lunch with Ellen.  It was nice to remember how long we have all known each other and to see that he was very happy with his life.  He was a very nice and very unique individual!  He will be missed.

Tracy Larsen Brooks

03/04/18 04:09 PM #9    

Mark Jones

When I moved to Terra Linda from Montana, Dave and I became friends. He made me feel welcome in a place so different than what I was used to. I slept over at his house and watched a creepy movie on tv that I remember to this day. We also went up in the hills for fun. I remember finding scorpions from under rocks to bring home.  He was a special person. 

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