In Memory

Jim Pecora

Ed Gormley wrote the following about Jim Pecora:  "Good day, mate!  Both Jim Pecora and Mark Manion started to shave around 12.   Jim would later score points with all of us TL drinking teenagers as a bearded 21 year old looking teenager who never got carded.     He loved being a heavy equipment operator, hunting, fishing and camping partying.   Most girls knew him as their protector.   Many of his guy buddies would say the same.  He was taken out of life as he knew it when a hit and run driver ran him over and left him for dead, sometime around 1975.   They thought he died four or five times in route to his numerous surgeries that day, and contined having emergency hospital events for the next 40 plus years until his last breathe at Marin Post Acute Rehab in Santa Venetia, on September 15, 2020.  Jim never married or had children.  He is survived by an older brother.   His mom passed in 2003 and his Dad passed a few months ago at the age of 102.   They were partners that raised and outlived numerous, voice command trained  German Shepherd dogs.  They lived as comfortably as ailments allowed.   He was affectinately called Lummy.  Our teenage Bench Club circa 1960's (had a habit of nicknaming it's members calling him Lummox, short for Big Lummox) was harsh that way.   Lummy or Lum evolved as an affectionate nickname.   His pains of respiratory and heart issues are said and done.   RIP, Jim.