In Memory

Michael Federoff

Mike Blakeslee shared this information:

Mike Federoff passed away November 18th. A number of his high school friends were able to attend his funeral in San Francisco, on December 3. The last time I had seen Mike was 1995 at the 25th reunion until we got together again on several occasions last year. What broke the hiatus was the realization I had never thanked him for the time he probably saved my life back in 1968 by putting himself in harm’s way. He had a great sense of humor which certainly helped keep me sane(er) during our time at TLHS. He loved skiing, hitting the casinos, extensive world travel and…uh…. don’t forget the women!

Mike remained single throughout his life. Tragedy struck in his early adulthood when the beautiful foreign exchange student he was set to marry was killed in an auto accident. That may have set the tone for bachelorhood.  Mike was long time resident of Corte Madera up until the end. It was sad to see him suffering from various health issues. Several of his friends felt that the insurance company was dealing with him in a very underhanded way which may have been a contributing factor leading to his demise. He is survived by his brother Yuri, TLHS class of ‘65, his sister Tony, TLHS class of '67, and his niece Laura Michelle.

Up until the end, Mike was very concerned about the Uranium One debacle, his parents having fled Joe Stalin’s reign of terror. It is regrettable he won’t be here to see the perpetraitors brought to justice. We are hopeful we will see him in God’s eternal kingdom.

Dasvidaniya, Michael