Barry Buckley

Profile Updated: October 27, 2009
Barry Buckley
Residing In: Novato, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Patricia ( Pat )
Homepage: Vote for Buckley .com
Occupation: underemployed builder
Children: Kelin born 1985
Yes! Attending Reunion

I hope to see everyone at our forty year reunion. That will be a party worth training for. Looking back cannot stop me from having a deep sense of gratitude for what we had, and hopefully still have.
I posted a link to a web-site that I hired someone to create in 2006. I will save you any suspense by saying that the project was not successful by any traditional definitions. I only posted it because this site requested it. I am not ashamed by some of my shortcomings. I could always foul up even worse tomorrow. nevertheless, my education continues, in part as a result of a rich, albeit misspent youth.
I continue to do things the hard way. I dropped out of typing class at TL, in part because it was hard. I should also add that I never made any effort academically until around '72. One of the main reasons I am rambling on here is to teach myself how to type. It is now becoming a required skill even in construction. I should confess that I do not spell well either. Hopefully some more interesting will possess me and I will abandon this banal exercise.
I have been married for twenty eight years to a woman from Petaluma, who is by all accounts, a saint. I am understating when I say my wife Pat, has made me credible to a larger audience by helping me more than just with my spelling and typing. I shall continue to ride her coattails, all the way to heaven, if possible. I am still in love with her even though it is hardly some romantic fantasy. Once, as we were about to have a flourish, I wanted her to roll play and asked her to "talk dirty to me". She rolled her eyes and said:" I need to dust".
I told my talented daughter that I would pay for her college education if she was accepted at a UC. After sixteen quarters at U.C.Riverside, her mother and I threw in the towel. The campus was ninety minutes from either Tijuana or Las Vegas. Unbeknownst to me, the kids were driving to Mexico, where the drinking age was eighteen. Then as they got a little more experience, it was off to Las Vegas, for yet a higher education. Neither my wife or I have been to Vegas, Reno has been stimulating enough.
I need to be clear that I am not disappointed in my only child. I guess we all want our children to follow a path straight to a Noble Prize which we will modestly clear for them. It is her calling to overcome the wealth of material things that any only child might come to expect growing up in Marin.
I just got up on Facebook at the behest of Ed Gormley. I should of done it years ago. I have posted a few photos there, and one of my daughter of which I am particularly fond of. It was last fourth of July on the Trinity River near Burnt Ranch. We are careful with river safety, since we lost two nephews to river drownings, in separate accidents, in the nineties.
My mother, Roberta, still lives at the old homestead in Terra Linda. She will continue to throw parties, play bridge, and be the oracle of my world until further notice. She has recently "friended me" on Facebook. My mom has eight children, nineteen living grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. At this moment, everyone is in good health. We have been very blessed.
I may add to this blog again. If any of you need contact information on my siblings feel free to contact me. And if you need a good lawyer, take my wife, please.

School Story:

I have some stories about drugs, guns, and joyrides. I am still amazed no one was killed. the exception being the Storbough boy who dropped out of T.L. in '67, joined the Marines, and was killed after a few weeks in Vietnam. That convinced me that that war was very dangerous, and far removed from our reality of Marin.

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